vancouver organic food

The demand for organic food has been growing for some years both in Europe and in North America, where countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Canada are buying more and more organic food, free of pesticides, dyes and other chemicals in order to take care of your health. In Canada alone, 58% of families buy organic food at least once a week, which makes it an attractive market for companies that produce this type of product.

The main reason that moves Canadians (especially people who live in Vancouver) to buy organic food is health, which explains the importance of these products having the necessary certification that proves that the entire production process is free chemicals, explains Organic & Wellness News founder Adriana Michael. “Canadians are introduced to the consumption of organic food through children, by seeking that they be healthy,” explained Michael.

Prepared or take away (convenience) products are preferred by Canadians. The more steps are eliminated for the rapid consumption of the final product, the better. On the other hand, another important factor that the Canadian takes into account is the story behind the product. The consumer in this country seeks to know how the product was made, where the crops come from and the tradition that the product carries.

A factor not yet taken into account by many of the organic food exporters is the container or packaging, since it is not enough for the food to be organic, but the packaging must also be natural, with the intention of eliminating any toxic element in it. their production.

Finally, the top ten best-selling organic processed products in Canada are soy beverages, milk, coffee, yogurt, cereal, soups, breads, beverages, and baby foods.