Being Vancouver a tremendously multicultural city, as it really is, its gastronomic alternatives are also. In Vancouver we have the opportunity to try dishes of very different styles, cultures and ingredients, with an important presence of Asian food. But Vancouver is also a city of cafes, so food is often more informal, fast and light. There is also an abundance of fast food. In this article we will introduce you to 2 food markets in Vancouver that you must visit.

Granville island market

granville island market

Small, hidden and very special, we cannot forget the Granville Island market. There we have a very bohemian, calm atmosphere that we could almost call “hippy”. Inside the market there are excellent delicatessen products, we can find food stalls that offer more elaborate things than the usual food court in a much more welcoming environment than the usual impersonal shopping centers. On Granville Island there is also a brewery that we can visit and where we can also participate in tastings.



On the outskirts of the city, Richmond is the main center of attraction for fans of Asian food, both for the number of restaurants and their quality. Just get off the SkyTrain at Aberdeen or Lansdowne stations and walk five minutes through the streets near the neighborhood shopping centers to be amazed by the number of Asian restaurants that exist and the variety they offer, from dim-sum, to barbecue, going through the “hot pot” buffets, noodles or excellent sushi restaurants.