Vancouver is the perfect city for lovers of food and new flavors. This city combines gastronomy from all over the world and has also developed its own cuisine. This makes this city one of the best cities to eat in the world according to many magazines. Because this city is for all kinds of people and its gastronomy too, it is very common to find food challenges in some restaurants for the most adventurous people.

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The beast

the beast

“The Beast” is a legendary burger that features eight pieces of meat, eight slices of double cheddar cheese, and eight strips of double bacon. This burger is not for everyone, this burger is only for those who have a voracious appetite and are willing to eat the whole burger in just 30 minutes. The winners of this challenge will receive a free meal, a T-shirt and a photo on the Wall of Fame.

Bobby’s Wings Challenge

bobbys wings challenge

If you love spicy food then the Bobby Wings Challenge from Wings Restaurant might be perfect for you. So To participate in this challenge you must go to any Wings location and request to do the challenge, however, before you start you must sign a liability waiver, since the wings are too spicy and that could cause any inconvenience. Winners of this challenge are entered into a drawing to win Wings gift certificates, Canucks prize packs and a chance to be featured on the Wings Restaurant Wall of Fame.

Checkmate caesar

checkmate caesar

Score on Davie’s Checkmate Caesar is a towering whole rotisserie chicken, glazed pulled pork slider, onion rings, chicken wings, hot dog with mac and cheese, and a brownie for dessert. For $60 you can take part in this challenge, of course, if you’re willing to stuff all that food into your dainty mouth. This challenge is group and 2 or more people must participate at the same time.

Six O Pho Challenge

six o pho challenge

Dundas Eat and Drink’s “Six O Pho” is a five-pound bowl of Pho that you can’t get with pho and packs loads of beef. If you manage to finish the bowl in less than 30 minutes, you’ll receive a free meal and a $100 gift card. You must bear in mind that only 6 people per day can participate in this challenge, so you must go to the restaurant early.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Challenge

taiwanese beef noodle challenge

There’s a twist on the classic Taiwanese beef noodle from Pearl Castle Cafe. Now it comes in a colossal size, especially for would-be foodie challengers. About four times the regular help. The winners of this challenge get a $30 meal ticket and of course a lot of food in their stomachs.