If you are visiting Vancouver or you are planning to travel to Canada, we recommend you not to stop trying its wonderful gastronomy. To give you an idea of where the best dishes in the region are served, in this article we list five excellent restaurants.

Blue Water Cafe

blue water cafe

Those who prefer seafood should definitely check out the Blue Water Cafe. It is not only one of the best restaurants in the city, but also one of the most recognized in the Pacific Northwest. The freshest marine flavors abound in its menu, where seafood is the protagonist. It is not possible to talk about Blue Water Cafe without mentioning the exquisite combination of Asian and French culinary traditions that distinguishes its preparations. In addition, it is important to highlight his work as a founding member of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program, which promotes responsible seafood practices.

In this case, we are talking about a place that is both pleasant and elegant, which also has a wide collection of wines. Its cellar stands out for having more than 1,000 labels, where customers can find the ideal drink for each dish. From sparkling wines to reds or whites, Blue Water Cafe treasures a wide variety of the best product both in the country and from different parts of the world.

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

boulevard kitchen

Nothing is more pleasant when eating than in an environment as sophisticated as the one on Boulevard. Fine cuisine and elegance are hallmarks of this wonderful restaurant, located in downtown Vancouver.

With a menu focused on seafood, the smell of the sea in its preparations seduces the most exquisite palate. His dishes are often recognized for ingeniously harmonizing classic culinary techniques with innovative West Coast and international gastronomic practices. In addition to its elegant lounge, it has a fabulous oyster bar where delicious recipes based on the freshest products are also featured.

His good work within the sector has been awarded with innumerable distinctions. Among them, we can mention the award as the best luxury restaurant in the 29th edition of the Vancouver Magazines Restaurant Awards.

Au Comptoir

au comptoir

As its name indicates, Au Comptoir promises a different style in terms of gastronomic services. It goes from being a regular restaurant to offering a French bistro experience in the midst of the tranquility of Kitsilano in Vancouver.

Valued as a place of haute cuisine, this restaurant is characterized by its menu containing delicious contemporary dishes with a marked influence of classic French gastronomy. It should be noted in this sense that the best products of the region are used for their elaborations. For this reason, its menu varies in each season, guaranteeing the use of very fresh raw materials in their kitchens.

On numerous occasions, Au Comptoir has been rated among the best Canadian restaurants. Best French Restaurant and Best Dessert are just some of the awards obtained in 2019.



Located at the corner of Robson and Jervis, one of the busiest in Vancouver, Forage stands out as one of the best restaurants in this impressive city. His work in favor of working with sustainable food, as well as the perfect preparation of his dishes, have made him a national gastronomic benchmark.

For those who enjoy discovering the typical flavors of the destinations they visit, Forage is the place to be in Vancouver. His commitment to prioritizing the use of local products in his preparations gives us the guarantee that each recipe contains all the necessary freshness that a good dish should offer. The comfortable and informal style that Forage offers takes us away from reality to delight us with the exquisite flavor of its culinary proposals. It is important to clarify that, although it is not a restaurant specialized in seafood, its preparations of fish and shellfish are highly celebrated by customers.

Salmon n’ Bannock

salmon bannock

In our list of the 5 best restaurants in Vancouver we cannot fail to mention Salmon n’ Bannock. Its cuisine has positioned itself among the best in the city, knowing how to incorporate the culinary heritage of the first inhabitants of Canada into modern gastronomy.

When talking about Salmon n’ Bannock, it should be noted that it is the only indigenously owned and operated restaurant in Vancouver. In their elaborations, the use of traditional ingredients of the country is distinguished, qualifying contemporary techniques with the most authentic flavors. Likewise, the use of organic products as well as fish and shellfish from the British Columbia coast is a priority when it comes to cooking.